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About Cluj 2012 | Open Agile Cluj 2012
This conference has finished. Go to the main OpenAgile website to find out about upcoming conferences.

Intro @ Open Agile Romania 2011: Build a Great Team

Andrea Provaglio: Talk on Effective Self-Organization

Jurgen Appelo: Talk on How to Change the World

Open Space Sessions & Planning Poker Cards Prize

About Cluj 2012

Your Agile and Lean conference: OpenAgile Cluj Napoca 2012 – Build a Great Team

The 6th OpenAgile edition, and 3rd this year, takes place in Cluj on November 17th. For 2012, we are really excited about the international speakers sharing what they’ve learned from their practical experience. We bring together practitioners from Lean organizations and Agile software development. There will be many ways to learn new things, share your ideas, and get your questions answered.

Audience * Why attend

For those who want to learn how to improve their work and their organizations. Business stakeholders, management and development teams. Managers. Programmers. Testers. Teams and individuals in IT software field, marketing or other industries where agile and lean principles are embraced on the path to excellence.

Being a community driven event, you are encouraged to share. To learn from others. To ask. You’ll find in this event tools and techniques for continuous improvement in the Agile and Lean environment.

Technical talks will give you new insights for your software craftsmanship development. Along with the participants from Hungary and other European countries, you can bring into discussions your own challenges in the open-space-inspired spontaneous sessions.


Andrea Provaglio, Jurgen de Smet, Erik Talboom, Flavius Stef are four of the speakers at this OpenAgile edition. You can read more about them on the speakers page.

Open Agile Conference

Open Agile conferences are organized by the Agile Works Romania community in collaboration with Mozaic Works. Open Agile started in 2009 and it always brought together international speakers and practitioners striving for quality, results, and technical excellence in Agile and Lean. This conference plays an important role in spreading the word about agile and lean thinking in the evolving software market of Europe. So far, we had 5 editions with different topics and speakers from all around the world:

  1. OpenAgile 2009 Bucharest: Agile, Lean & Software Craftsmanship
  2. OpenAgile 2010 Bucharest: Agile & Lean: What We’ve Learned
  3. OpenAgile 2011 Bucharest: Building a Great Team
  4. OpenAgile 2012 Iasi: Agile & Lean: What We’ve Learned
  5. OpenAgile 2012 Timisoara: Agile & Lean:What We’ve Learned: Tools and Techniques for Agile Teams

Keynote speakers in previous editions: Ken Schwaber, Jurgen Appelo, David Hussman, Corey Haines, Alexandru Bolboaca, Rachel Davies, Janet Gregory, Andrea Provaglio, Mattias Skarin.

We had great presentations about:

  • ScrumButs: The Dangers of Customizing Scrum
  • How to Use Agile on Fixed Scope Projects
  • Coaching Agile Teams
  • Checklist for the Agile Manager
  • The Life of a Tester in an Agile Team
  • Effective Self-Organization
  • How to Create a Great Technical Team
  • Using Continuous improvement on an existing product
  • Feedback – The Lost Art of Agile

The Romanian Agile Lean Community

In this fourth year, as the Romanian Agile Lean community grew and reached more than 1300 members, Open Agile conferences takes place in three different cities: Iasi, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca. Besides the community LinkedIn group with 410 members, the members of the Agile Works community are grouped as follows:

  • Bucharest, 346 members, 47 meetups
  • Timisoara, 329 members, 41 meetups
  • Cluj-Napoca, 240 members, 13 meetups
  • Iasi, 100 members, 16 meetups
  • Sibiu, 18 members, 1 meetup
  • Tg Mures: 20 members, 1 meetup

Read more about AgileWorks here.