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Why Should I Come? | Open Agile Cluj 2012
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Intro @ Open Agile Romania 2011: Build a Great Team

Andrea Provaglio: Talk on Effective Self-Organization

Jurgen Appelo: Talk on How to Change the World

Open Space Sessions & Planning Poker Cards Prize

Why Should I Come?

It is no secret that the principles of Agile are simple, but applying Agile is challenging. Here are some of the typical issues we learned from Romanian companies applying Agile:

  • Lack of organization support for applying agile (e.g. daily meetings on IM, teams split in departments, inappropriate spaces for teams)
  • Lack of an internal Product Owner
  • Inaccurate product planning (e.g. wrong prioritization resulting in releasing less useful or even useless features first)
  • Inaccurate estimations
  • Inefficient testers involvement (e.g. tests done at the end of the iteration, while testers don’t do anything during the iteration)
  • Sudden drop in velocity after a number of iterations (usually due to technical debt)
  • “False” teams (e.g. each member works alone on a task with the integration done at the end instead of the team working together towards a common goal)
  • … and many others

The event will combine the speaker’s with the participants’ experience to provide the best solutions to these issues and to any others raised by the audience. We are sure everyone will find answers, because:

  • Rachel Davies is the UK’s leading expert in coaching Agile teams and has 20 years experience in software development and 10 years experience as Agile Practitioner
  • David Hussman has coached pragmatic adoption of agile methods for hundreds of companies around the world. He has been creating software for many years in a variety of domains: digital audio, digital biometrics, medical, financial, retail, and education to name a few.
  • Janet Gregory has helped to introduce development agile practices into companies as tester or coach, and has successfully transitioned several traditional test teams into the agile world. She is the co-author of the Agile testing book that everyone needs to read.
  • Michel Goldenberg is a Certified Scrum Trainer with over 10 years of experience in software development and 5 years of experience working on Scrum teams.
  • Robin Dymond worked with Fortune 500 clients and regularly achieves 100% increase in productivity for teams he trains and supports.
  • … and these are only a few of the people who will be part of the conference and that you will have direct access to during the Open Space sessions and not only.

Seeing such experienced Agile Practitioners in Romania is very difficult to repeat. Similar Central and Eastern European events have a price tag of around 150 € without travel and accommodation, while similar Western European events cost around 1000 €.