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Erik Talboom | Open Agile Cluj 2012
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Intro @ Open Agile Romania 2011: Build a Great Team

Andrea Provaglio: Talk on Effective Self-Organization

Jurgen Appelo: Talk on How to Change the World

Open Space Sessions & Planning Poker Cards Prize

Erik Talboom

Erik Talboom

Erik Talboom

I love helping other people out, it’s something that has been important for me as long as I can remember. I used to tutor people while I was still in school, helping out fellow students whenever I had the chance. It wasn’t that weird that after a few years of professional experience, I ended up teaching class.

Some further background on me:

  • I’ve worked as a teacher for the CVO in Antwerp as well as for the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.
  • After a period of combining my job as a teacher with that of a freelance developer, I decided to focus on my company to really build up more momentum as a developer. But I’ve always kept an eye open for teaching opportunities.
  • In 2010 I decided to return to teaching class again, combining it with a job as coach. Since then I have trained and coaching several teams on different subjects, ranging from more process oriented topics like scrum, kanban and effective collaboration through gamestorming to more technical focused topics like test automation, test driven development and software craftsmanship principles.
  • As of last year I have started an adventure in the areas of lean startups and customer development around that. These kinds of volatile ventures also benefit a lot from the agile mindset and craftsmanship principles knowledge I’ve built up the last decade.

Talk: Perfect Problem Breakthrough! (with Jurgen de Smet)
In this session you’ll get insights on how to use Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Process in the context of handling problems and thus change. We will explain you the 3 key’s to responsibility and how to gain control/power of the situations at hand. We will use learning from the Leadership Gift program we are following with Christopher Avery and provide insights related to the Responsibility Process and Keys to Responsibility. We will give you some very powerful tools and techniques that will change your world.